Tuesday 6:30 PM ~ 8:30 PM
Thursday 6:30 PM ~ 8:00 PM

Ingle Farm Recreation Centre
Cnr Beovich Road & Roopena Street, Ingle Farm, SA 5098

Free car parks are available by the building.

Come and try. First lesson FREE!

Casual fee: $20.00 per class
Monthly fee: $120.00 per month, which includes free classes at UniSA Taekwondo club

Family fees negotiable

General Rules and Etiquette

Upon entering the Dojang (training hall):-

  1. Students should arrive in plenty of time to allow them to register their attendance and acknowledge their seniors.
  2. Students should bow to the front of the Dojang upon entering and bow to the Instructor on the floor as soon as they enter the Dojang.
  3. All junior ranked students should also acknowledge any other Black Belts present with the customary bow and likewise junior Dan students should acknowledge their senior Dans. The senior students should also acknowledge this courtesy unless engaged in instruction or poomse at the time.

When the Chief Instructor or Master Instructor enters the Dojang:-

  1. Highest ranking member present should clap to bring the students to attention,
  2. Should declare “Charyut (attention), Kyung-ne (bow).”

Entering class when it is already in progress:-

  • Walk to the front side of the class and wait to be acknowledged by the Instructor,
  • Request permission to join the class by way of a polite bow.

If leaving class early or leaving the room briefly:-

  • Approach the Instructor and ask permission.

When training for competitions:-

  • Groin protectors should be worn.
  • Mouth guards should be worn.
  • Shin and arm guards are encouraged.

Other etiquette:-

  • When wishing to talk to another member of the club while in the Dojang, exchange bows initially, the lower ranking member bowing first.
  • When you are training, try to clear your mind of any problems outside of the club.
  • Keep your body reasonably clean, free from odour.
  • Fingernails and toenails clipped and clean.
  • Wash your Dobok (uniform) regularly and keep it neatly pressed.
  • If you start to bleed – seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you have a severe cold or contagious disease of any type, do not attend classes.
  • No wearing of watches, medallions, or necklaces.
  • Wedding rings may be worn, but should be covered with tape to reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • No profanities should be uttered while in the Dojang.
  • No gum chewing or candy consumption for safety and courtesy reasons.
  • No alcohol or drugs should be consumed before attending classes.
  • The drinking of water during class is permitted, but this should only be done at appropriate times designated by your instructor.
  • Keep your temper under control.
  • The light-contact rule is preferred; however, it is realised that accidents will happen occasionally.
  • Club badges should be displayed on Doboks in the appropriate manner.
  • If you attend classes at another Taekwondo club, behave in a manner befitting your rank and club association.
  • If you visit a club of another style, make sure you know what their rules are and abide by them.
  • If a member of another Taekwondo club comes, treat them as you would a member of your own Club.
  • Respect for your club members is encouraged. We are all members of the Moo Duk Kwan family!